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Astrophysical virtual observatory


The AVO contract began on 1 November 2001. The project aims within a three-year work program to lay the scientific and technical basis for an operational virtual observatory in Europe. The project consists of three main work areas (Science, Interoperability and Technology), utilizes approximately 54 person years of effort involving more than 50 staff spread over six partner organizations and consortia.

1.1 Objectives: The first year of the project had six main objectives:
1.0 Initiate and complete hiring process for all new AVO staff members as soon as possible in the work flow cycle;
2.0 Produce an initial Web presence and intranet capabilities for project-wide and community communication;
3.0 Establish AVO Science Working Group and first pass assessments of critical science cases for prototypes;
4.0 Define and implement prototype interoperability interfaces for first year tests;
5.0 Define and commission hardware and software components for GRID, Storage and Database benchmarking activities;
6.0 Produce a demonstration of prototype capabilities at +12 months in drawing on all work areas in coordination with similar international activities through the International Virtual Observatory Alliance.

1.2 Results: All of our objectives have been fully met also within the second reporting period. The AVO demonstration of new VO functionality during the January 2003 SWG meeting at JBO (AVO First Light), our contribution to the definition, development and deployment of new international data standard for Virtual Observatories in coordination with the IVOA and our successful demonstration and outreach actions at the IAU General Assembly are the highlights of the second year.

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