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Sustainable use of natural resources in rural systems of eastern Af rican drylands (Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania), strategies for environmental rehabil itation


The main objectives are :
* To define the scientific basis on which the local environmental management and crop production is based.
* To develop models and strategies in the sectors responsible for agricultural product development and distribution in order to create a permanent link between the scientific institutions dealing with natural resources and environment and planners.
* To develop an integrated Information System, including Geographic Information System (GIS), Remote Sensing (RS), Image Processing System (IPS), Decision Support System (DSS), Data Base and Modelling, and guidelines for applications in local and regional planning.
Expected Outcome

This project will provide conceptual and technical tools for evaluating strategies for environmental rehabilitation. It will answer the question of whether and how GIS, RS, IPS and DSS techniques can support the planning activities of (non)-institutional organizations to rehabilitate degraded and degrading areas. It will develop an integrated Information System which will include indigenous knowledge in the planning and implementation of rehabilitation activities. The system will offer an environmental assessment methodology which can be used for political and socio-economic decisions at different hierarchical administrative levels starting from the single village.
The key activities involve :
* Field studies to obtain data on geology, geomorphology, climate, vegetation, agricultural practices, crops, demography and socio-economic systems in East Africa.
* Integration of GIS, RS, IPS and DSS techniques to tackle the rehabilitation problems of degraded rural areas and development of software for environmental data bases and knowledge systems.
* Inventory and description of natural resources (vegetation, flora, crops, livestock, etc.) in rural areas of East Africa and definition of their human carrying capacity.
* Application of data acquisition and processing methods to understand local knowledge.
* Analysis of soil erosion and degradation through time and space using geological, archaeological and hydroclimatological field data combined with socio-economic information resulting from the Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) approach.
* Simulation of different scenarios based on different strategies for environmental rehabilitation with special emphasis on industrial development.

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