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Contribution to the design of enabling strategies for environmental management in growing multi million cities: an integrated economic and environme ntal assessment of solid waste systems in Kenya and India


The main objectives are defined as follows :
* To assess the socio-economic and environmental feasibility of solid waste recycling, re-use, collection systems and marketing mechanisms in growing multi-million cities in India and Kenya, in order to contribute to the design of 'enabling strategies' integrating environmental and socio-economic concerns and leading to more sustainable and equitable urban settlements.
* To apply and improve an urban (economic) planning and environmental management model and survey methods as a tool for development and optimising sustainable 'enabling strategies' in the field of urban waste collection, processing and disposal systems (SWM).
* To make an integrated socio-economic and environmental assessment of potential 'enabling strategies' concerning current and future management and technical options in Nairobi, Kenya and Hyderabad, India.
Expected Outcome

The project should provide contributions to the assessing and designing 'enabling strategies' for solid waste management systems in large cities. It should provide better insight into existing patterns of solid waste recycling, re-use, collection and disposal systems, and the socio-economic and environmental feasibility of such systems in large cities through field studies. It should also help develop better tools for promoting integrated economic and environmental assessments in urban environmental research.
The key activities involve :
* Analysis, through secondary data and fieldwork, of policies and practices concerning formal and informal collection, recycling and disposal systems in two large urban areas, focusing on issues of public-private institutional arrangements, recycling trade and enterprises, and existing linkages with farming in surrounding rural and peri-urban areas.
* An assessment of socio-economic and environmental aspects of potential 'enabling strategies', and a further design of 'enabling strategies' with partners concerned. The model of integrated solid waste management developed by the leading partner will be used as a base for further development of such a design.
* Producing a final publication, presenting the results of the analysis and assessment, complemented with feedback from participating institutions.

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