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Prefeasibility study for the integration of renewable energies for electricity production in the southern mediterranean countries


The main objective of this project is to carry out prefeasability studies on the most promising renewable energy technologies that have been identified, together with the concerned countries, in the Southern Mediterranean. This is inscribed in a wider action plan for development of renewable energies in the Mediterranean, which began with the APAS project MEDENERGY, and is expected to provide strategic support for a major market deployment of RE technologies in the Mediterranean basin.
National and local authorities, RDD institutions, manufacturers, utilities and users from both Northern and Southern Mediterranean countries. The Southern Mediterranean countries studied will be Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Morocco, Palestine, Tunisia and Turkey.
The following technologies will be considered:
- wind energy for electricity production and water desalinisation. - photovoltaics energy for stand-alone application and small grid-connectedplants.
- biomass fueled power plants.
- solar thermal power plants, considering both solar tower and parabolic troughoptions.
For each particular case, a basic engineering of a prototype plant will be described, including the techno-economic features.
The main industrial base in each country will be evaluated to identify the national capabilities for manufacturing components and equipments. Optimal sites will be selected.
The socio-economic and environmental costs and benefits of renewable energies will be considered, including job creation ; opportunities, and emissions reductions.
The institutional framework of each country will be taken into account. Finally, alternatives for financing the selected technologies in each country will be analyzed, along with the existing capabilities in the European Union members to complement the gaps in the industrial production in the selected countries.
Specific financing schemes will be studied to promote joint ventures between European and Southern Mediterranean utilities for developing renewable energies power plants.
The main tasks of the project will be:
Task 1. Selection of appropriate sites and technologies given the local context Task 2. Analysis of the Southern Mediterranean institutional frameworkregarding electricity production.
Task 3. Basic engineering and techno-economic studies for RE plants, includingnetwork integration
Task 4. Local industrial capabilities in each country for manufacturing plants,and technology transfer
Task 5. Social and economic impact
Task 6. Environmental aspects
Task 7. Development of financial schemes

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