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GISEDI Europe provides a model (specifications, sample of tools and consultancy) for a trading infrastructure to facilitate and accelerate the exchange and trading of geographic information (GI) at the local, regional, national and international level. It allows an easier integration of GI suppliers and their catalogues on GI marketplaces. The exploitation plan of GISEDI Europe is based on: -The GISEDI Book of Specifications which provide the technical basis for development of GISEDI systems in other European and worldwide locations. -The GISEDI Server Tools (user interface and retrieval system for Geographical information). -The GISEDI Administration Metadata Tool and Data capturing tool to manage catalogues of GI products in accordance with GISEDI metadata. GISEDI is involving nine organisations from seven countries in Europe. Its main purpose is to provide a model of GI Broker for a trading infrastructure to help users to locate and purchase geographic information and suppliers to find a larger market for their data. For this open and flexible electronic market the concept of GISEDI broker has arisen. The GISEDI Europe system have been demonstrated and assessed in four countries (Greece, Finland, Spain and Portugal). The GISEDI Europe users are divided into three broad types: -The GI data suppliers (enterprises or institutional organisations) supply via a GISEDI Broker its catalogue of GO products, in accordance with GISEDI Europe requirements. He obtains appropriate means and tools to manage order process and transactions of its GI Products, promote its products in a larger market and is involved in a network of suppliers. -The GI data buyers (either businesses or individuals) reach and buy the best GI product for his needs, can expand supplier reach (large catalogue), compare GI products in competition via the GISEDI search engine and reduce procurement process costs. -The GI data brokers (enterprises or institutional organisations) manage geographical (local) or sector (thematic) market place for GI products. He can propose to suppliers appropriate methods and tools to manage GI transactions; the GISEI broker contracts with each supplier a GISEDI Europe Distribution agreement which precise the transfer of licensing and rights from the supplier to the Broker.