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E-commerce for geographical information

Geographical Information systems now provide an important tool for a variety of businesses involved in everything from demographic marketing, mapping and navigation to global positioning. This project demonstrates electronic applications and services for faster, more effective exchange of geographical information by suppliers and users.

Digital Economy

GISEDI Europe, a Geographic Information System for Electronic Data Interchange, has developed a European commercial and technical network infrastructure, which will facilitate and accelerate the exchange and trading of Geographical Information (GI). This requires the development of Web based GI query, view and retrieval functionality, integrated with secure Electronic Data Interchange, (EDI) since financial transactions are also involved. GISEDI is a project set up by nine organisations from seven countries in Europe that has been demonstrated and assessed in four European countries. Its main purpose is to provide a model for GI brokerage into the GI market. The broker's function will be twofold. Firstly, to facilitate potential end users of GI to locate, view and purchase data, and secondly, by providing a shop window for GI, offering suppliers of GI the opportunity to extend their market, nationally and throughout Europe. The principal output of the project was the development of the GISEDI Europe Book of Specifications which will provide the technical basis for development of GISEDI systems in other European and world-wide locations. With the aid of GISEDI, GI data suppliers, enterprises or institutional organisations, supply via a broker their catalogue of geographical products. They obtain appropriate means and tools to manage, order and process transactions of their products, while promoting their products to a larger market place. In addition, GI data buyers, including businesses or individuals, reach and buy the best GI product for their needs, have access to a larger number of suppliers and are able to compare GI products in competition, using the GISEDI search engine. In the near future, GISEDI intends to play a leading role in a market of 5,000 GI suppliers with 30,000 to 100,000 users comprised of governmental bodies, GI marketing firms and a variety of small and medium size enterprises.

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