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Organoleptic examination of new oenological systems


OENOS is putting forward an innovation project consisting of two thoroughly designed components that complement each other in a natural manner. The research component tackles an important non-technical problem that has seriously hindered innovations in European high-quality beverage production and more specifically in European high-quality wine production: the underlying tacit knowledge of wine producers. The OENOS research component is specifically conceived and designed in order to built an apprenticeship relation with the winemakers. Understanding of tacit knowledge and elaboration of methods to transfer and harmonise this kind of knowledge are the most important contributions of the OENOS research component to the EU Innovation Programme. The OENOS training target is revolutionary, in the sense that the wine-producers already have a culture on wine-tasting but not at an analytical sensory approach like the one programmed during this project. One of the key steps of OENOS is to formalise and define the notion of high-quality wine, giving in this way to the winemakers a sound understanding of what exactly high-quality wine is. The project will transfer the knowledge understood about the objective use of sensory evaluation to determine and describe product differences directly to the wine producers, to allow them to understand the effects of process changes on the characteristics of their wines and to make commercial decisions to implement new technology based on facts rather than assumptions.
The demonstration component implements a transnational transfer of flash expansion, an award-winning promising new technology, which can improve substantially the world-wide competitive position of European wine and of European food-processing equipment manufacturing. The goal of the OENOS demonstration component is to implement the new technology of flash expansion on different raw materials (grapes of different cultivars) of the participating end-users. In this sense, the OENOS demonstration component contributes to the EU Innovation Programme by a concrete transfer, implementation and validation of an innovative technology. The transfer and the implementation, as scheduled in this project, will ensure the adaptation of this innovative winemaking procedure in the participating vineyards. The analytical data, the final sensory analysis results and their correlation will guarantee the validation of the transferred technology. The complementarity of the research and demonstration component will permit winemakers to be able to make themselves sound judgements on the impact of new technology on the quality of the wines they produce.


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