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Common specifications for the supply of medium-sized wind turbine generators


The aim of the project is to compare the views of a number of European utilities with regard to the requirements which should be included in specifications issued to manufacturers for the supply of wind turbine generators.
The outcome of the project will be a document available to utilities as a common reference.

The project deals spzecifically with medium-sized wind-turbine generators, namely machines that typically have rotor diameters ranging from 15 to 35 m and rated powers between 50 and 500 kW, which are used in grid-connected power stations made up of a number of units (wind-farms).
Up to now, each European utility has presented manufacturers with its own specifications for the supply of machinery. The expected achievement of this project is to establish a set of commonly agreed minimum requirements which could be used as a basis by all companies, or even private investors, when drawing up their specifications.
In particular, the project provides for joint definition of minimum requirements concerning items such as: calculation of machine lifetime; definition of machine availability; technological aspects of machine construction; safety aspects of machine construction and installation; machine supply documents; machine testing requirements. It should, however, be pointed out that this list is only a preliminary one, since joint identification of all specific aspects to be dealt with in the project, will be the first step in the work itself. The outcome of the project will be a document available for utilities as a common reference.

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