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Content archived on 2024-04-19

Evaluation of bioenergy applications: combining technical economic and ecological aspects in a new model


W: To combine technical, economic, environmental and other relevant parameters to be used for the assessment of energy from biomass projects, particularly in less developed regions of the EC.

The objective is to develop, apply and test a new model that makes it possible to quantify biomass production / utilization systems at local and regional level.

For the achievement of the objective a decision support tool based on this model will be required.

Two types of biomass systems will be examined: (a) production and processing of typical energy crops cultivated on agricultural land sweet sorghum
and bioenergy in the framework of large and complex local/regional biomass systems.

Modelling will cover technical and non-technical aspects which usually play a crucial role for potential integration of the examined biomass utilisation schemes with existing agro-industrial and energy systems in rural areas of the Community.Critical questions to be considered include: availability of bioresources; selection of conversion technologies; optimisation of product mix; mass and energy balances; role of co-products; economic feasibility; environmental impact (sustainability); and socio-economic acceptability.

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