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Computer aided process design and optimization with novel separation units

Exploitable results

Novel separation techniques such as melt crystallisation, adsorption and supercritical extraction may partially or totally replace conventional separation techniques such as distillation, resulting in the more efficient utilisation of energy. The model-based tools required to investigate the feasibility of employing these novel processes have been developed under this project. Advances in novel separation processes were developed during previous JOULE projects, for example supercritical extraction (JOUE-CT90-0053), melt crystallisation (JOUE-CT90-0031) and gas adsorption (JOUE-CT90-0052). New methodologies for the synthesis, design, simulation and optimisation of novel separation processes have been developed which are very advantageous alternatives for the separation of azeotropes, isomers and close boiling point mixtures. The aim of this project is to investigate the feasibility of employing these novel separation processes in place of conventional technologies in chemical and biochemical process flowsheets, with a view to optimising energy utilisation and emphasising the environmental benefits. This project has also developed the model based flowsheeting computational tools that are needed for these investigations.