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European solar prize


The European Solar Prize is intended to promote the use of solar energy and to provide information on the different forms of application. On behalf of the Commission the solar prize is announced in six countries (Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy) and is currently awarded in six categories (private application, production, solar architecture, projects of local utilities or authorities, promotion-activities for renewable energies, local NGOs and the media).

In a first step the winners of the national prizes are determined and afterwards, in a second step, the European Prize winners are determined among the national winners. From 1995 it is intended to extend the prize on other countries, and in another stage it is intended to extend it on other technologies of renewable energies.

The prize promotes public awareness for solar energy and by that, psychologically promotes the extensive market introduction of solar energy.
The organizations executing the project on national level are EUROSOLAR Austria, Folkecenter for Renewable Energies in Denmark, Comité d'Action pour le Solaire in France, EUROSOLAR Germany, EUROSOLAR Hellas and EUROSOLAR Italy.

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