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Advanced biomass pyrolysis for electricity production using electron beam irradiation


As is known from the literature, electron beam stimulation of chemical reactions has been successfully applied for fuel gas cleaning (SO2 and NOX removal), for demolishing organic compounds, polymerization, crosslinking and other similar applications in which electron energy acts as catalyst. This characteristic of electron beams can be usefully applied to upgrading pyrolytic fuels, as an alternative to various processes such as hydrotreating or zeolyte synthesis.
The aim of the project is to investigate electron beam interaction with the organic compounds most common in pyrolytic fuels, to assess the feasibility of processes based on chemical reaction leading to a reduction of the C/H ratio and of O2 content.
The final result expected is an improvement of the combustion properties and operating characteristics of the fuels, which depends on the process parameters, namely irradiation dose, electron energy and nature, flow-rate and physical conditions of the reacting agent.
The optimized irradiation dose will be determined and the best reacting agent will be selected from a group which will include at least hydrogen, methane and alcohol.

The project is divided into the following tasks:
1. Schematic model of the process
2. Laboratory plant preparation
3. Tests for the irradiation dose settlement
4. Tests for the device reactants
5. Irradiation of pyrolytic fuel with reactants
6. Analysis of irradiated products
7. Design and construction of an electron accelerator for the pilot facility 8. Design and construction

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