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Combustion under pressure of ultra carbo-fluid for gas turbine combined cycle


The developments of the use of Ultra-Clean-Coal-Oil-Water slurry (UCF) as fuel for the combustion chamber of a gas-turbine.

Direct combustion of coal in gas turbines was first attempted in the late 1940's as an alternative to coal-fired boilers for locomotive propulsion or electric generation. Since 1970, uncertain oil and gas prices, as well as technical innovations in the production of coal-water slurries for direct combustion, have rekindled interest in coal as fuel for gas turbines. Direct injection of the slurry into the gas turbine combustor would retain much of the existing infrastructure for liquid fuel transportation and storage. Capital costs for these systems may also be attractive compared to potentially more complex alternatives, such as coal gasification. However, the presence of a high percentage of ash in standard CWS, and thus of particles in the combustion gases, is not compatible with a long lifetime of the gas turbine blades and implicates a very expensive dust removal system.

The recent development of coal de-ashing processes, based on selective agglomeration techniques and using as agglomerating liquid a special blend of oils led to the achievement of Ultra-Clean-Oil-Water Slurry, named Ultra Carbo-fluid Fuel (UCF). The advantages of UCF in comparison to CWS are:

low ash content
high heating value, due to the presence of oil blend (more than 20% higher than CWS)
ultra fine particle size (100% below 30 mm), allowing a short combustion time of fine UCF droplets.

The use of UCF, prepared from mineral coal, in a high performance combustion chamber is the general goal of this research programme. A test bench will be erected in order to evaluate the technical performance of a UCF combustor under atmospheric pressure and at a capacity of 250 kW.

The project contains the following phases:

1) System studies.
2) UCF preparation.
3) Design of the system, test bench and atmospheric combustion chamber.
4) Construction of the test facilities.
5) Test programme.
6) Analysis and evaluation of results.


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