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MURE, COST, Biomass project completion


The purpose of the project is to: finalise the MURE project; prepare, on behalf of the Commission, all the information necessary to the COST 307 action, relative to rational use of energy in the transportation sector; introduce into the EFOM-ENV model new data about biomass.

The three components of the project are the following:

1) MURE project.

The MURE data has to be completed and it should be introduced into the EFOM-ENV model. A data base which would be used in the framework of major acitivities in the Commission (SAVE for example) would be designed in the general terms.

More particularly, efficiency measures relative to industries will be characterized and these techno-economic data will be quantified for all the EC countries.

2) COST 307 - Commission participation.

ISIS will assist the Commission in providing COST 307 action with data and MEDEE results. This data will be relative to the transportation system and will concern the EC countries. They will come from ENERDATA data bases. This task implies in addition the adaptation by ENERDATA of MEDEE to the transportation system in Italy, taking into account energy efficiency measures analysed in COST.

3) Biomass study.

A specific data collection and case study will have to be done relative to an action of the Commission based on the JOULE programme models. It concerns:

The biomass options are defined and analyzed, in collaboration with the Commission. Data sheets characterizing these technologies will be prepared and submitted to the experts for validation before introduction into EFOM-ENV.

Based on this data collection and validation, an in-depth study on biomass potential will be done with EFOM-ENV.


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