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European regional seas ecosystem model-II


The ERSEM-II project has the objective of testing and
improving our understanding of the long-term, large-scale
dynamic functioning of regional seas and their coastal
margins. ERSEM-II is the natural follow-up of ERSEM-I, which has focused on the development of a model which dynamically
simulates the large-scale cycling of organic carbon and macronutrients plus silicate over the seasonal cycle in the North Sea. This model consists of an interlinked set of modules
describing the biological and chemical processes in the
stratified or non-stratified water column and in the benthic system. Physical transport is included by driving the model
with the output of physical circulation and dispersion models.
From this starting point, ERSEM-II will further extend and
develop the formulation of those biological and chemical
processes that control long- term trends in the composition
and the productivity of shelf sea ecosystems.
These processes must be included to study the effects of
interannual variability on long-term trends and to model the life-cycle dynamics of higher trophic levels as influenced by the varying state of their environment. The other area of
development is to spatially resolve key areas which will allow to examine the impact of river run-off on the marine ecosystem at the required level of detail in time and space. Testing of the model will be performed by comparing model results with
available field data from large scale projects and data from mesocosm experiments.
Additionally, a parallel development of modelling software
tools, which is an essential requirement for successful model development and application, will be carried out.

The results of this project will strengthen the scientific
basis for making sound decisions in environmental quality
management and will provide the opportunity to involve
decision makers in weighing the available alternatives by
simulating the consequences of different scenarios.

Funding Scheme

CSC - Cost-sharing contracts


Netherlands Institute for Sea Research

1790 AB Texel, Den Burg

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NERC Centre of Coastal and Marine Sciences
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Scottish Office Agriculture, Environment and Fisheries Department
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University of Aberdeen
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University of Strathclyde
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Water Quality Institute
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