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European collaboration on craniofacial anomalies


This proposal is designed to improve the management and understanding of craniofacial anomalies (CFA). Integration of previous networks established to investigate clinical care (Eurocleft.) and gene-environment interaction in early human development (ESF network) provides, for the first time in Europe, adequate clinical resources and multidisciplinary critical mass. The work includes:
1) a multicentre randomised control trial of surgery for orofacial clefting (OFC);
2) a multicentre population based case-parental triad study of the role of specific genes, gene-environment interaction and gene-gene interaction in the aetiology of OFC;
3) a chromosomal approach to the identification of candidate genes for OFC;
4) development of sensitive molecular diagnostic assay for mutations underlying monogenic CFA; and
5) an informatics resource to underpin the other work and provide a dynamic resource to disseminate findings, assist CFA researchers, and promote good practice in clinical services. The project will be integrated with, and provide leadership for, a proposed global effort in the treatment and prevention of CFA.

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