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The objectives of this proposal are to research, analyse and develop architects requirements, in order to develop criterias and a concept for a large scale, europewide information + education strategy programme in the future. INFOMATION: It must be taken in consideration,that architects are neither scientists nor are they engineers. There is already a plan to develop an averall computerized interactive Databank, with all the information that has been put together by the Commission and all it's Networks in the last few years including Data which should be relevant for architects. For this it is crucial that the Data for architects is accessable for them and put together in an extremly userfriendly way. One has to study the way architects work and the design process, Where i.e. one might at a very early stage need immediate "scetch information".
-So far the education of architects in the regards to the use of renewable energy saving in buildings is underdeveloped.
-Education strategies, methodologies, didactic models and methods have to investigated. One has to start a dialogue with the relevant educational bodies and authorities in all member states, to come to an overall, integrated and coordinated educational action plan.
-The goal must be to set up special research departments/units and to creat an interdiciplinary Network that has access to multidisciplinary technical, academic and professional pool of expertise.
-For the education of students, it should be investigated to what extent computernetworks as i.e. Compu-Serve, Internet, Mail Box Systems etc. could be adequate tools.


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Stefan Behling and Partner
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