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Integration of renewable energy into Europe's energy supply infrastructure


This proposal by ETSU, RWE Energie and ENEL covers the undertaking of a study to assess, in the light of existing and anticipated future regulatory frameworks, cost effective measures that could be implemented by the EC to encourage the large scale commercial deployment of renewable energy technologies. The study will be targeted on providing input towards the planning of future EU policy regarding the integration of renewables into the EU energy supply industry. The areas to be covered by the study are:
* A brief review of the existing work on the R&D and commercial barriers to the deployment of the renewables across the EU;
* Review relevant support measures and regulatory frameworks in EU Member States, States, and other countrles;
* Develop a methodology for the analysis of support measures, apply it to those which have been reviewed and draw conclusions;
* Develop options for pan-EU integration measures

The project will be undertaken by the three partners in conjunction with a panel of named experts from across the EU which will be recruited specifically for the project. The experts have been selected for their detailed knowledge of renewables technologies, their national regulatory and support regime and the wider issues for their integration into the energy supply infrastructure. The proposed wide consultation using experts drawn from current and future Member States could, if desirable be used in the implementation of any resulting EU-wide support measures.


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United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA)
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Ente Nazionale per l'Energia Elettrica SpA (ENEL)
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