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Content archived on 2024-04-19

Study of the implications of long term large-scale market deployment (LSMD) of photovaltaic technology in Europe


This study will assess photovoltaic (PV) potential markets in European Union (assuming 16 members countries), will determine implications of achieving these potential markets and will propose actions plans in order to achieve actual large scale market deployment (LSMD) of PV technology, to maximise advantages from this LSMD and to reduce impacts of potential problems due to this scale of deployment.
PV market in europe will be evaluated at production and consumption level (EU and exports from EU) in 2010,2020, 2030. A large scale market deployment during this time frame will be assumed, both at european and global level.
Size of markets and penetration rate will be assessed for niche markets (stand alone and consumers products), PV in buildings, PV as Demand Side Management and peak and bulk power.
PV technolgy and costs changes will be evaluated and taken into account for these market evaluations.
The implications of LSMD PV technology will be studied in depth at all levels: technical, economical, social, environmental.
An emphasis will be put on positive impacts and on the means to maximise them: economic growth, employment, advantages for local and global environment and development...
Potential negative impacts will also be assessed, and means to avoid them or lower them at the lowest level as possible will be proposed. The final report will contain strategic recommendations related to energy policies in order to achieve this LSMD of PV technology.
They will be classified into different levels and actors: short, medium and long term, EC and national and local levels, PV industry and users associations, utilities and international agencies and organisations. The proposers will participate also to the dissemination of results of this study in the photovoltaic implementing agreement of the IEA (International Energy Agency), in order to compare results and recommendations with other ones issued from other studies on this topic made in North America and in the Pacific rim and which will be also discussed in this IEA PV implementing agreement .


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