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This project will boost the take-up of telematics by school and university teachers or trainee teachers in the EU, with an emphasis on the promotion of lifelong learning. Courses run by a university and business consortium will enable multi-lingual multi-cultural refinement of good practice in teaching mathematics, languages, science and technology. As teachers develop their own telematics skills they will be encouraged to explain to their students how to use the technology to teach themselves. Similar courses for teacher trainers and guidelines for library staff will be validated by ministries and professional associations.

The Telematics for Teacher Training project will encourage over 4,000 teachers to adopt telecommunications and new technologies in schools and universities across the European Union. It will establish courses for teachers within a growing consortium of universities and commercial services, which will continue to develop beyond the millennium.

Primary and secondary teachers, their teacher trainers and library staff will develop new practices together enhancing the quality of learning and knowledge of Europe within the curriculum. Best practice will be refined for teachers of mathematics, languages, science and technology in several European languages and many cultures.

T3 will focus on supporting the new approach to education and training within the European Union: lifelong learning. Teachers will model this practice in front of their students. Teachers' skills in both Telematics applications and in tutoring students how to learn for themselves will be available, even in remote rural areas, with the use of new technologies.

Universities in Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, Portugal and the UK form the consortium with support from partners which include telecommunication companies. These universities across Europe will design and develop courses for both staff and students. For example, 'Telematics for teachers of mathematics'. Other courses will use Telematics naturally within their delivery, such as in school based teacher training and in the tutoring of teachers studying for a Masters of Education. Commercial partners and ministries will use the experience to develop policies, services and marketing strategies appropriate to education.

The three year project will commence in January 1996 and, within two months, the 'T3Centrum' will provide a meeting place for teachers on the Internet. There they will find resources, information and opportunities for team teaching and collaborative development across Europe. International desk top videoconferencing through dial-up ISDN will provide further opportunities.

The project will also refine a European core curriculum in Telematics for teacher trainers and provide guidelines for library staff in their support of teachers. These will be validated with European professional associations and education ministries.

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