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EUROSCOPE aims at cooperation between European cities - most of them having a major port - to develop and demonstrate advanced transport telematics systems across Europe for the benefit of travellers and passengers, transport systems operators and freight carriers. It pursues previous EU research by a consortium including local authorities, public transport operators, ports and trans-shipment centres, transport consultancies and researchers. The work will focus on many aspects of smoother transport operations, among them planning, information on timetabling, route guidance and incident management. A horizontal work package will cover specialist evaluation to ensure comparable results with a demonstrable European dimension.

The EUROSCOPE project builds upon the results of the DRIVE II programme. The partners are Köln, Hampshire County, Piraeus, Rotterdam, Strasbourg, Genoa, Hamburg, and the followers Cork, Brandenburg ensuring a strong political support. EUROSCOPE was initiated by the POLIS network and builds upon the results and infrastructure produced in the SCOPE project and is substantially enhanced to further develop and demonstrate wider ATT applications. The consortium includes public transport operators, port and transhipment centres, industrial system providers, broadcasters, transport consultancies and research specialists that bring considerable expertise and experience from the previous programme. The emphasis of the project is on the development and provision of demonstrators which have direct application for the cities, port or operator and which can be interoperable throughout Europe. The Cities are most concerned that the project must address user needs and have direct application.

The objective of EUROSCOPE is Demonstration and Validation of Advanced Transport Telematics systems in user application sites across Europe thus achieving a sustainable effect on the mobility of individuals. There will be substantial effort included within the project to ensure that the experiences of the partner cities are shared with others within the consortium and elsewhere providing additional value to Europe.

Work areas refer to Informed Traveller including Multi-modal trip planning terminals / Real-time information on-board / Real-time route guidance information / Links between information & control centres / RDS-TMC, Logistic Information and Communication Systems including Information systems at freight terminals / Integration between modes / Distribution Centres and freight interchanges / Links to control centres and Network Management including Network monitoring / Incident Management & Strategies / Priority measures for public transport / Links between control and information centres / Real-time trip planning using Strategic Information Systems (SIS) / Developments in SIS including Human Machine Interface (HMI). A special horizontal work package will cover Evaluation led by a specialist in evaluation issues ensuring that results are comparable and show the European dimension of the work.

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