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Contenu archivé le 2024-06-11

Integrated Urban transport concepts and market orientated urban transport systems/on demand urban transport systems.


The goals are to provide new knowledge on the integration of the different actors involved in urban transport management systems (local authorities, public transport operators, regional authorities, etc.), including market oriented urban transport systems, and to develop a conceptual methodology for assessing the integration of these actors. The project emphasis is on non-technological issues: strategic, organizational, institutional, legal and financial. Although the Consortium does not plan to develop any new technology, the support that existing or emerging technologies can provide to the integration of the different urban actors will be studied.
These goals will be achieved through the following detailed and measurable objectives:
1. To review current status of integrated urban transport management systems. Special attention will also be paid to concepts, tools and techniques developed in other EU Programmes, as Thermie and the Telematics Applications Programme.
2. To develop strategies and concepts for co-ordinating the various actors and operators, with special attention to urban traffic control, interurban traffic control and public transport.
3. To develop a methodology which will allow the different urban actors (local authorities, public transport operators, regional authorities, user groups, technology providers, etc.) to assess the level of integration of their urban centre.
4. To provide a set of guidelines for the harmonization of the information provided to car drivers and passengers and the allocation of tasks corresponding to the different information providers.

Athens (GR), Brescia (IT), Kuusankoski (FI), Toulouse (FR), Valencia (ES), London (UK).
INTRAMUROS is linked with MOTIF. In addition, links with other projects, also from the Telematics Applications Programme. Specially with those in which the INTRAMUROS Consortium is, or has been, involved. Some examples are AUSIAS, QUARTET, EXTRA, CAPTURE, CAMPARIE, and SAMPO.

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