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DEMETER will apply telematics to bring a better quality of life for farmers living in isolated rural areas in the five European countries taking part. The project seeks to counter problems which fast-changing economies are posing for traditional farming in these regions. On the basis of ongoing consultation with farmers, it will supply easily accessible educational and consultancy services, including regional marketing information and opportunities for international cooperation. The provision of new jobs in the sector will also be addressed. The existing regional infrastructure will be harnessed to the project which envisages a comparable strategy for other similar areas.

The general objective of DEMETER is to enhance the quality of life for farmers living in isolated, rural areas in Austria (various regions in Lower and Upper Austria), Finland (Lapland), Spain (Balearic Islands), United Kingdom (Scotland) and Norway (Province Troendelag). DEMETER intends to build a practicable survival strategy applicable to other similar regions in Europe as well.

Traditional farming is becoming more and more difficult due to drastically changing economies. Farmers in all the regions have similar structural problems, like having difficulties to get individual education, information and consulting, or to market and sell their products and services.

In DEMETER we especially will

- guarantee easy access to educational programmes and consulting

- implement communication tools to enable people to help each other in different regions of Europe

- provide information systems for marketing products and services of the regions

- establish new jobs using telematics solutions

To reach these goals we will

- use the existing knowledge of the farmers in their regions, involve them in every stage of our project and connect them on an international level to establish an international knowledge exchange

- provide specific farming courses and expert counsulting services, according to the farmers' needs

- use the experiences of the farmers living in these regions with already existing small pilot projects (small educational programmes, marketing systems and small scale tourism facilities) and include these results in our project

- use the organisational and technical infrastructure in these regions

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