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A network of virtual communities

DEMENET is an Internet system that enables communities, projects, organisations and initiatives to present themselves on the Web, and brings users into contact with one another.

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The system offers on-line directories for a variety of facilities and services, including travel and tourism, farming supplies, educational organisations, and commercial outlets, and can be used by anyone wishing to present a community, organisation or initiative on an international platform. Maps provide regional overviews, and specific searches can be made for products, services and information. An international DEMENET association has been established, with Austria and Finland as the main contributors. Being Linux-based, DEMENET is inexpensive and easy to set up and maintain. Specialist knowledge is not required, since an authoring tool allows users to design their own pages and add them to the database. Intending users can obtain a tool license for their region, association, project, or initiative, or set up a DEMENET server through Linux.

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