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DEMENET and DEMREGIO (the new tourism and region system) provide an easy-to-use system for presentations of regions, villages, projects, associations, education, and shopping and personal home pages. It is a connection between initiatives to enhance contact between rural areas, to bring users with similar interests and problems together to form a virtual community. DEMENET and DEMREGIO is a system on the Internet, which allows users to present themselves, their regions, initiatives, associations etc. in a very personal and individual way. A special authoring tool allows the user to enter self-designed pages in the database, without being a computer specialist. It is an international platform to present one's own regional initiatives and to contact others and it is the place to offer help for similar problems, to discuss and present. Important tasks are the DEMREGIO web initiative, which offers presentations for tourism and shopping. We have national contact points, who provides assistance in creating regional groups. The international community can grow individually as the "umbrella structure" provides the technical background for presentations. We offer high quality at a low price. Project URL: and

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