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PERIPHERA seeks to tackle training and employment for groups which risk exclusion for economic or social reasons or because of geographical isolation through the availability of telematics applications designed to cope with the needs of these groups. Their employment needs will be addressed through new ways of working to reduce this kind of marginalisation. Telematics training will be offered for a specific peripheral group at different centres which will then provide access to telematics for teleworking, and support for employment through self-help initiatives. Partners will work towards a common approach in integration of all such groups, sharing their individual experience and results.

Increasing collaboration of European Authorities and Service Providers ensures equality of access and opportunity to European citizens in the single market. However, because of special problems, some groups of citizens are presently excluded to the European periphery. Periphera addresses training and employment needs of the cultural, geographical, social, and economic periphery. Unemployed, cultural minorities, migrants, disabled people and those whose circumstances exclude them from participation in the full benefits of European society are addressed. Their employment needs will be answered through new ways of working to reduce marginalisation.

The project joins experts and providers from Member States, plus potential end users of Telematics and Teleworking services, to address the integration of peripheral groups. Implementation of telecentres will provide training in skills including teleworking, plus access to technologies for exploitation of 'new opportunities for working' through 'new ways of working' via self-help. In seven sites, a centre will provide training in Telematics for a specific peripheral group. Six centres will then provide access to Telematics for Teleworking and support for employment through self help initiatives. Through European collaboration, the partners will achieve commonality of approach in integration of all peripheral groups and will share experience and results concerning the specific peripheral groups addressed. On completion of the project, they will be equipped to address the whole range of peripheral issues. Creation of new employment opportunities through new ways of working is central to the project objectives and will be achieved through development of an exploitation strategy involving sponsors and employment of self-help groups based in the PERIPHERA telecentres.

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