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2013 Epilepsy Research Forum

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European epilepsy research forum

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder characterised by seizures and that affects millions of people globally. Epileptic patients have poor quality of life and suffer from social stigma.


Co-funded by the EU, the '2013 Epilepsy research forum' (ERFIP2013) has contributed to the debate on the coordination of research at national and European Union level and focused on research achievements made to date and the opportunities for further advances. ERFIP2013 aimed to improve the life of epileptic people in Europe by influencing key stakeholders and policymakers. Forum members worked to enhance research capacity in epilepsy and improve quality of care in Europe. In parallel, they also tried to determine suitable measures to reduce the burden and stigma of epilepsy. ERF2013 was a collaboration between the International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE) and the International Bureau for Epilepsy (IBE). The conference was hosted in conjunction with the Irish Presidency of the Council of the European Union during the European Month of the Brain. Prior to hosting ERF2013 in 2013, project members worked to ensure maximal participation through several dissemination measures. These included the project website, newsletters, email invitations, invitation booklets, press releases, databases, meetings, phone calls, social media and advertisements. Key targeted stakeholders included the European Commission, national policymakers, members of European Parliament, epileptic people, clinicians, researchers, EU health research National Contact Points, and European member associations of ILAE and IBE. Dissemination measures proved highly successful with 270 participants from 57 countries, including the EU-27 Member States, attending the forum in Dublin. A 32-page final programme was distributed to all attendees. The contents of the 'Written Declaration on Epilepsy', approved by the European Parliament in 2011, was elaborated upon. Moreover, ERFIP2013 highlighted the need for further funding in epilepsy research within Horizon 2020, a large-scale EU research and innovation programme. The presentations of all speakers, photos and the final report have been posted on the project website. After the Forum, a survey was sent to all attendees. An impressive 48.5 % response rate from 33 countries was obtained. ERFIP2013 activities should go a long way towards ensuring heightened awareness about epilepsy so that it remains on the European political agenda.


Epilepsy, epilepsy research, research forum, neurological disorder, quality of life, social stigma

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