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Stress as a modifier of atherosclerosis - Novel mechanistic insights and therapeutic avenues -



Colchicine Impacts Leukocyte Trafficking in Atherosclerosis and Reduces Vascular Inflammation

Author(s): Ulrike Meyer-Lindemann; Ulrike Meyer-Lindemann; Carina Mauersberger; Carina Mauersberger; Anna-Christina Schmidt; Anna-Christina Schmidt; Aldo Moggio; Julia Hinterdobler; Julia Hinterdobler; Xinghai Li; David Khangholi; David Khangholi; Jan Hettwer; Jan Hettwer; Christian Gräßer; Christian Gräßer; Alexander Dutsch; Alexander Dutsch; Heribert Schunkert; Heribert Schunkert; Thorsten Kessler; Tho
Published in: Frontiers in immunology, Issue 13/2022, 2022, ISSN 1664-3224
Publisher: Frontiers in immunology
DOI: 10.3389/fimmu.2022.898690

The Impact of Exercise on Immunity, Metabolism, and Atherosclerosis

Author(s): Ulrike Meyer-Lindemann; Aldo Moggio; Alexander Dutsch; Thorsten Kessler; Hendrik B. Sager
Published in: International Journal of Molecular Sciences, Issue Vol 24, Iss 4, 2023, Page(s) 3394, ISSN 1422-0067
Publisher: Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)
DOI: 10.3390/ijms24043394

Immune cell-based cardiovascular risk assessment: spotlight on the neutrophil-lymphocyte ratio

Author(s): Sager HB, Koenig W.
Published in: Eur Heart J., Issue 2021 Mar, 2021, Page(s) 904-906, ISSN 0195-668X
Publisher: Oxford University Press
DOI: 10.1093/eurheartj/ehaa1104

Quo Vadis? Immunodynamics of Myeloid Cells after Myocardial Infarction

Author(s): Moggio A, Schunkert H, Kessler T, Sager HB.
Published in: International Journal of Molecular Sciences, Issue 23, 2022, ISSN 1422-0067
Publisher: Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)
DOI: 10.3390/ijms232415814

Functional investigation of the coronary artery disease gene SVEP1

Author(s): Michael J. Winkler; Philipp Müller; Amin M. Sharifi; Jana Wobst; Hanna Winter; Michal Mokry; Lijiang Ma; Sander W. van der Laan; Shichao Pang; Benedikt Miritsch; Julia Hinterdobler; Julia Werner; Barbara Stiller; Ulrich Güldener; Tom R. Webb; Folkert W. Asselbergs; Folkert W. Asselbergs; Johan L.M. Björkegren; Johan L.M. Björkegren; Johan L.M. Björkegren; Lars Maegdefessel; Heribert Schunkert
Published in: Basic Research in Cardiology, Issue 115, 2020, ISSN 0300-8428
Publisher: Dr. Dietrich Steinkopff Verlag
DOI: 10.1007/s00395-020-00828-6

Where the Action Is—Leukocyte Recruitment in Atherosclerosis

Author(s): Carina Mauersberger; Carina Mauersberger; Julia Hinterdobler; Julia Hinterdobler; Heribert Schunkert; Heribert Schunkert; Thorsten Kessler; Thorsten Kessler; Hendrik B. Sager; Hendrik B. Sager
Published in: Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine, Issue Vol 8 (2022), 2022, ISSN 2297-055X
Publisher: Lausanne: Frontiers Media S.A., 2014
DOI: 10.3389/fcvm.2021.813984

Interleukin-1β suppression dampens inflammatory leucocyte production and uptake in atherosclerosis

Author(s): Hettwer J, Hinterdobler J, Miritsch B, Deutsch MA, Li X, Mauersberger C, Moggio A, Braster Q, Gram H, Robertson AAB, Cooper MA, Groß O, Krane M, Weber C, Koenig W, Soehnlein O, Adamstein NH, Ridker P, Schunkert H, Libby P, Kessler T, Sager HB.
Published in: Cardiovascular Research, Issue Volume 118, Issue 13, 2022, ISSN 0008-6363
Publisher: Elsevier BV
DOI: 10.1093/cvr/cvab337

Loss of soluble guanylyl cyclase in platelets contributes to atherosclerotic plaque formation and vascular inflammation

Author(s): Mauersberger, Carina; Sager, Hendrik B; Wobst, Jana; Dang, Tan An; Lambrecht, Laura; Koplev, Simon; Stroth, Marlène; Bettaga, Noomen; Schlossmann, Jens; Wunder, Frank; Friebe, Andreas; Björkegren, Johan LM; Dietz, Lisa; Maas, Sanne L; Van Der Vorst, Emiel PC; Sandner, Peter; Soehnlein, Oliver; Schunkert, Heribert; Kessler, Thorsten
Published in: Nature Cardiovascular Research, Issue 12/2022, 2022, ISSN 2731-0590
Publisher: Nature Cardiovascular Research (Nat Cardiovasc Res)
DOI: 10.1038/s44161-022-00175-w

Acute inflammation and long-term cardiovascular risk: Identifying an unrecognised vulnerable gap

Author(s): Hendrik B Sager, Wolfgang Koenig
Published in: European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, Issue 24/18, 2017, Page(s) 1956-1957, ISSN 2047-4873
Publisher: SAGE Publications Ltd
DOI: 10.1177/2047487317736869

Time-of-day at symptom onset was not associated with infarct size and long-term prognosis in patients with ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction

Author(s): Hendrik B. Sager, Oliver Husser, Sabine Steffens, Karl-Ludwig Laugwitz, Heribert Schunkert, Adnan Kastrati, Gjin Ndrepepa, Thorsten Kessler
Published in: Journal of Translational Medicine, Issue 17/1, 2019, ISSN 1479-5876
Publisher: BioMed Central
DOI: 10.1186/s12967-019-1934-z

Management of hypercalcaemia-induced heart failure using mechanical circulatory support

Author(s): Katharina Knoll, Volkhard Kurowski, Heribert Schunkert, Hendrik B Sager
Published in: European Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery, Issue 54/4, 2018, Page(s) 784-785, ISSN 1010-7940
Publisher: Elsevier BV
DOI: 10.1093/ejcts/ezy139

Impact of Acute and Chronic Psychosocial Stress on Vascular Inflammation

Author(s): Hinterdobler J, Schunkert H, Kessler T, Sager HB.
Published in: Antioxid Redox Signal, Issue Volume 35, Issue 18, 2021, ISSN 1523-0864
Publisher: Mary Ann Liebert Inc.
DOI: 10.1089/ars.2021.0153

Association of In-Hospital Hemoglobin Drop With Decreased Myocardial Salvage and Increased Long-Term Mortality in Patients With Acute ST-Segment-Elevation Myocardial Infarction

Author(s): Dutsch A, Graesser C, Voll F, Novacek S, Eggerstedt R, Armbruster NL, Laugwitz KL, Cassese S, Schunkert H, Ndrepepa G, Kastrati A, Kessler T, Sager HB.
Published in: Journal of the American Heart Association, Issue 2022 Sep 6, 2022, ISSN 2047-9980
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell
DOI: 10.1161/jaha.121.024857

Acute mental stress drives vascular inflammation and promotes plaque destabilization in mouse atherosclerosis.

Author(s): Hinterdobler J, Schott S, Jin H, Meesmann A, Steinsiek AL, Zimmermann AS, Wobst J, Müller P, Mauersberger C, Vilne B, Baecklund A, Chen CS, Moggio A, Braster Q, Molitor M, Krane M, Kempf WE, Ladwig KH, Hristov M, Hulsmans M, Hilgendorf I, Weber C, Wenzel P, Scheiermann C, Maegdefessel L, Soehnlein O, Libby P, Nahrendorf M, Schunkert H, Kessler T, Sager HB.
Published in: European Heart Journal, Issue Volume 42, Issue 39, 2021, ISSN 0195-668X
Publisher: Oxford University Press
DOI: 10.1093/eurheartj/ehab371

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