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Determination of bacterial vesicles interactions in the most abundant marine cyanobacteria and its potential applications

Project description

Exploring the big role of tiny marine microbes

Invisible to the naked eye, marine microbes are very important as major producers in the ocean. They also influence climate. The EU-funded VESYNECH project will study the role of marine microbial vesicles of marine picocyanobacteria like Synechococcus, which dominate most phytoplankton assemblages in oceans interacting over different spatial and temporal scales. Specifically, it will characterise the microbial vesicles of different strains of the cyanobacterium Synechococcus. It will identify the potential functions of vesicles from marine cyanobacteria and their role in the horizontal gene transfer. The findings will shed light on possible bioactive potential of genes and enzymes.


Net EU contribution
€ 160 932,48
Avenida De Medina Azahara 5
14005 Cordoba

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Andalucía Córdoba
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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