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Jobs can be found and offered using CREDIT

The CREDIT project has developed an internet based trans-national generic framework for the assessment and accreditation of skills and knowledge, combined with advice on additional education and training, relating to jobs or personal interests.

Digital Economy

CREDIT, an internet based trans-national, generic framework enables future candidates, assessors, advisors or human resource managers to find, assess, or provide jobs in a more effective way, using the assessment and accreditation of previously acquired skills and knowledge, combined with advice on additional education and training, in relation to jobs or personal interests. The project partners made use of previously established European-wide networks and user groups that have participated in the project from its onset, for the purpose of evaluating prototype versions. During the first project year, user requirements were investigated and their analysis has produced four prototype tools that assess and accredit skills and knowledge coupled with advice on further training. These four tools forming the core of the CREDIT system are used in the following sequence, even though they are also designed to function independently. Initially, a skills/tasks matching tool, allows the user to select different parts from a list of knowledge and skills, therefore providing a basis for assesment. An assessment/accreditation tool, allows the user to build a portfolio of his/her skills and knowledge that is assessed by the user or more objectively by an external assessor. Deficiencies, if any, are then input to the skills/knowledge acquisition tool, which identifies any knowledge/skill gaps detected by the assessment/accreditation tool. Finally, an advisory tool relates the missing skills/knowledge to information on existing courses and learning material. At the present stage, the skills and knowledge of three diverse target domains (namely child care, first level management and software engineering) are classified and provided to user groups, in order to pilot test the tool. The system architecture is open to incorporate all domains, accepts cross-domain skills and will be multimedia based for user friendliness. Useful link:

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