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Development of Culturally Appropriate Neuropsychological Tests for the Greek Population

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Neuropsychological tests become culture-sensitive

There is a problem in translating and administering neuropsychological tests - they must be tailored for language, culture and education.


The European project 'Development of culturally appropriate neuropsychological tests for the Greek population' (Decant) is developing a method for creating or adapting standing practices to produce culturally sensitive neuropsychological testing. In Greece, most of the neuropsychological tests being used were originally designed for western Europeans and North Americans. To make these tests more optimal for the Greek culture, Decant is in the process of designing its own series of assessments of psychosocial and cognitive functioning. The measures are either being created from scratch or adapted from English and administered to a Greek sample to determine their suitability for clinical use. Researchers have managed to isolate components of certain procedures and those features of the tests that are problematic for Greek adults in general, with special attention to groups with lower education and/or who struggle to cope with testing procedures, such as the elderly. By the end of the project, a comprehensive battery of new tests will have been produced, and will be used by clinicians for assessment and evaluation and for research protocols. The results could inform similar exercises in neighbouring countries and cover diverse European cultures.

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