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Improving EU-India science, technology and innovation cooperation

Two EU-funded projects - INNO INDIGO and INDIGO POLICY - are focused on supporting policy dialogue and enhancing science cooperation between the EU and India.

Researchers and innovators from Europe and India have teamed up to enhance cooperation and tackle innovation challenges through two FP7-funded projects, INNO INDIGO and INDIGO POLICY. The projects, which both began in November 2013, both aim to develop transnational and bilateral EU-India science, technology and innovation (STI) cooperation. They will build on the work of previous project called NEW INDIGO, which successfully implemented schemes for EU-India transnational calls for proposals (New INDIGO Partnership Programme) and offered a platform for stakeholders to discuss research policies. INNO INDIGO and INDIGO POLICY will use this foundation to focus on supporting policy dialogue and enhancing science cooperation between the EU and India. INNO INDIGO, led by the German Aerospace Center (DLR), is a part of the European Research Area (ERA)-Net scheme. The project will facilitate networking between funding organisations in Europe and India via an open platform for funders that allows them to discuss, prepare and implement joint calls on a regular basis. Within the lifetime of INNO INDIGO, the implementation of three calls for proposals is foreseen. The INNO INDIGO project team are keen to use the experience gained during the NEW INDIGO project to further enhance EU-India cooperation, as well as to support and further develop bilateral as well as multilateral activities. New challenges addressed in the INNO INDIGO project include how to bring ideas to market, how to support young researchers and how to develop new forms of collaboration. INDIGO POLICY, meanwhile, will work to support existing STI dialogue structures through the provision of analytical evidence, operational STI policy support, dedicated PR measures, and pilot activities. In particular, INDIGO POLICY will provide monitoring, evidence-based analytical input as well as policy-advice to stimulate and enhance STI cooperation between Europe and India, specifically with regard to Horizon 2020. The project, led by the Centre for Social Innovation in Austria, will also coordinate a twinning programme in the field of biotechnology and health for India and European research institutions. The INDIGO POLICY team is also setting up a Water Technology Platform in India to bring together European and Indian companies, institutions, universities and financial groups who are focused on technological innovation in the water sector. Through the platform, they hope to define a thematic water technology roadmap, develop a business model and subsequently support its implementation. Both INDIGO projects will work closely together in order to maximize their impact over the coming three years. Together, the project teams will organise three new editions of the EU-INDIA STI Cooperation DAYS. They also share a website which provides information for researchers, funding agencies, policy makers and enterprises.For more information, please visit: INNO INDIGO and INDIGO POLICY Project factsheet INNO INDIGO: Project factsheet INDIGO POLICY::


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