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Public consultation: give your feedback on the achievements of FP7

Contribute to the European Commission’s public consultation on the achievements of FP7.

Between 2007 and 2013, the FP7 research programme funded thousands of research projects with some EUR 53 billion. This support allowed developments in all manner of research areas – from exploring ways to cope with Big Data to tackling the ever growing issue of marine litter, and everything in between. The funding period may be over but around half of these projects are still in motion. We are now in the era of the EUR 80 billion 2014 to 2020 Horizon 2020 programme. However there may be lessons that we can learn from the FP7 experience, and that’s why the European Commission has opened a public consultation on the achievements of FP7. Launched on 23 February, the consultation will collect views on the overall management of FP7, the impact of the simplification measures, and the achievements of the supported activities. The evaluation will help to assess the wider impact of FP7. It may also help to improve both the implementation of Horizon 2020 and the design of future framework programmes. Individuals, groups or organisations who have had a direct experience with FP7 or just wish to give their opinion are invited to make their contribution by 22 May 2015. The results will feed into the ex-post evaluation of FP7 carried out by an independent external High Level Expert Group. The evaluation covers research programme activities under FP7, involving almost 25 000 research projects in four specific programmes: cooperation; capacities; ideas and people. Contributions, which will be made publicly available, are welcome from citizens, organisations and public authorities. Research and higher education institutions, business, policy makers, local public authorities, innovators, entrepreneurs and civil society organisations are particularly encouraged to make a submission. The contributions will be analysed by the European Commission, and a summary report on the consultation including a complete analysis of the replies will be published as soon as possible. Since 1984, the European Commission has funded research and innovation through Framework Programmes. Until now, there have been eight Framework programmes (including Horizon 2020), covering five to seven-year periods. For further information, please visit: