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Implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in European Collaborative Projects

Practical Steps to Address EU General Data Protection Regulation Compliance. This unique course has been designed to address the needs of organisations and people involved in international collaborative EU funded projects. It is a course very targeted to the new regulations around the GDPR and it is imperative for the compliance of any Horizon 2020 project.

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COURSE DESCRIPTION The course will help you understand all essential aspects of GDPR. Despite it being a new data protection framework, it has its foundation on existing legislation and has a wide ranging impact which will require significant adjustments in various aspects of organizations' operations.  ​ The course will equip participants with all the necessary knowledge, skills and reference sources to help them understand, tailor and effectively use the new legal framework to their organization, ensuring their effective cooperation and communication with other project participants.  ​ During this two-day training, the participants will be informed about the main principles of data protection by design and by default creating incentives for innovative solutions to address data protection issues from the start. Following this, they will have the opportunity to cover the main action items required for their organization to become compliant. This will include discussions and surveys related to their needs and current status. With the help of workshops and exercises, at the end of the course, participants will be in a position to start implementing some of the GDPR processes which are required to be compliant. After the training, participants will be in a position to understand, translate and be able to prepare or guide most (or all?) of the required framework requirements.  ​ Strictly limited seats per course ensure a much more focused learning experience and a customised programme.  DESCRIPTION OF EACH DAY ​ Day 1: The GDPR and your Organization. Principles and practice. Opportunities and constraints in regards to your IT Operations. A practical introduction into your Legal priorities to protect your organizations and customers data privacy and enhancing your security. ​ Day 2: Revisiting data your organization currently holds and how to manage it in relation to the new regulation. Understanding how this may apply to different sections of your organization, and managing compliance thereafter.  In more detail:  - Basic description of the legal framework  - Analysis of the Regulation  - Specific framework issues  - Steps for business compliance  - Supervision and sanctions  - Organizational Ready Information (public internet published)  - Difficulties encountered by organizations in complying with the Regulation  - Data Leakage - Effects of Real Facts  - How each organization should act  - Data Protection Officer  - Technical Measures to be implemented  - Challenges to network security  - Frequently Asked Questions - Addressing Daily Situations  - First or Last Defense Line  - Step-by-step guidance to apply basic framework rules  PARTICIPATION - Complete 2 days training €1390 excl. VAT ​ PARTICIPATION FEES INCLUDE - Admission to the course - Course's Handbook - Hard copies of training material - Certification of "Implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in European Collaborative Projects" training completion - Certificate of attendance - Travel Insurance - Accreditation to Professionals Directory - Complimentary coffee & snack breaks - Complimentary networking lunch breaks VENUE After registrations participants will receive venue information along with accommodation and transportation suggestions. All courses are organised in central and easily commutable locations. Strictly limited seats per course ensure a much more focused learning experience and a customised programme. Courses are organised in several European countries, so choose the one which is most convenient for you and enrol today! Find out more here:


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