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TransCure - International Fellowship Program on Translational Research

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European translational research network

Dysfunctional membrane proteins can cause chronic conditions such as cancer, osteoporosis, neurodegeneration and heart disease. EU researchers are working on preventing or treating such conditions via a strong translational research platform.


Twenty academic research groups from Swiss universities teamed up under the International Fellowship Program (IFP) that was integrated into TransCure, which is part of the National Centres of Competence in Research (NCCRs) programme. Through funding from the Swiss National Science Foundation and the EU, the 'TransCure - International Fellowship Program on Translational Research' (IFP TRANSCURE) project aims to facilitate the formation of an effective multidisciplinary research platform. Since its inception in May 2012, IFP TRANSCURE laid the foundation for continuing translational research with a skilled interdisciplinary research network in biology, structural biology and chemistry. Already, 14 postdoctoral fellows have been recruited for a 3-year period through 2 calls. Considerable inroads were made in elucidating the function of therapeutically important membrane transporters and channels. For instance, the fellows successfully determined the 3D structure of a transporter protein and identified promising compounds targeting different proteins. Research outcomes are expected to open up novel treatment options for chronic human conditions through the development of next-generation drugs. Such a translational research platform will enhance the skills and competitiveness of participating researchers in Europe, thus boosting their careers. This should also ensure that the EU competes with or surpasses the United States when it comes to pharmaceutical innovations at the academic level.


Translational research, membrane proteins, international fellowship, transporter protein

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