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Research on EGNOS/Galileo in Aviation and Terrestrial Multi-sensors Mobility Applications for Emergency Prevention and Handling

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Satellite navigation system applications to keep motorists safe

Intelligent transport systems can detect incidents and contribute to implementing emergency response plans, ensuring safer road networks in Europe. An EU initiative worked to further improve communication between vehicles and road infrastructure.

Transport and Mobility

The European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service (EGNOS), Europe's Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) as a precursor of Galileo, guarantees precise positioning services. EGNOS is designed for civil aviation operations. However, the characteristics of the EGNOS signal also allow land transport applications. With this in mind, the EU-funded EGALITE (Research on EGNOS/Galileo in aviation and terrestrial multi-sensors mobility applications for emergency prevention and handling) project set out to develop solutions and technologies able to deliver value added services for road transport. Work began with research on various multi-sensor technologies to add new functionalities to the pan-European eCall service. These are intended to quickly assist motorists involved in a collision or traffic jam anywhere in Europe. Project partners developed an emergency prevention and handling system (EPHS) for eCall services based on smart sensors and satellite navigation that automatically informs about the type of emergency and location. It consists of mobile devices, particularly popular mobile phones with an integrated GNSS receiver. Together with accelerometers, these devices operate the enhanced eCall services. The EGALITE team also examined the application of GNSS in the aviation industry. They created experimental platform modules to guide pilots, making use of an electronic flight bag that displays necessary information. The aviation platform was investigated at a virtual flying laboratory equipped with professional aeroplane and helicopter flight simulators installed with global positioning system receivers. EGALITE developed prototypes of GNSS applications to help keep people safe on the ground and in the air.


EGNOS, Galileo, aviation, EGALITE, emergency prevention and handling

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