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Strengthening human and industrial potential in Andalucia

An EU initiative offers 50 experienced researchers the opportunity to conduct studies into the field of their choice.

Industrial Technologies

The aim of the ANDALUCIA TALENT HUB (Andalucía Talent Hub Fellowship Programme for the mobility of experienced researchers in connection with the Campuses of International Excellence) project is to increase the competitiveness of the research institutions in Andalucía. Awardees are engaged in outgoing or incoming mobility schemes within or outside the EU, while connected to the ERA through the research institutions aggregated in Campuses of International Excellence based in Andalusia. The institutes Andalucía Tech, CEIBiotic, CEIMar, ceiA3, CEI CamBio y Patrimonium10, will employ them for two years according to the principles of the European Charter for Researchers and The Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers. The programme aims to increase the competitiveness of the research institutions in Andalusia, by introducing stimulus and incentives for collaboration and by creating opportunities for new international connections. It is expected that this will contribute to make improvements in terms of innovation, technology transfer, entrepreneurship, productivity and sustainable development in Europe. Two rounds of applications were run, first one awarding 30 fellowships in February 2015 and second one awarding the remaining 20 fellowships in July 2015. Fellows from the first round started their research projects in March and those of the second round will start in October. For the first Call a total number of 130 applications were received from candidates of more than 15 countries around the world. Awardees (8 incoming and 22 outgoing schemes) will work in 34 different research institutions in 12 countries. For the second Call 209 applications were received. Awardees (7 incoming and 13 outgoing schemes) will work in 23 different research institutions in 10 countries. The evaluation was carried out by an international panel of over 30 experts. Each application was reviewed by at least 3 experts independently and best 50 candidates from each round were contacted for telephone or video-conference interviews.


International mobility, knowledge generation, knowledge transfer, knowledge management, talent, campus of international excellence, Andalucía, Spain, experienced researchers, SMEs, innovation

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2 October 2020