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Twelve Labours of Image Processing

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Image processing just got better

A new online repository of algorithms and articles for image processing provides open access to researchers who want to benefit from cutting edge research.

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Image processing and image analysis are important for a number of applications, from gaming to security technology. The EU-funded TWELVE LABOURS (Twelve Labours of Image Processing) improved upon research and methodology of image processing and image analysis. It investigated about 20 key challenges and published these findings on the project website in the ‘first journal for image processing’, featuring published algorithms for each challenge. To achieve its aims, the project team trained 40 researchers in the field, specifically the required mathematics and algorithms of image processing. This was enhanced by so-called ‘workshops’ or temporary publications of online algorithms that bring researchers together in a collaborative manner to think outside the box, beyond publication rules. The algorithms are then reviewed by peers to ensure their validity before other researchers can access them. Interested parties have three options to reproduce and exploit the algorithms: running them on the journal’s server, downloading the public code for personal use, or reprogramming the algorithm using the pseudo-code. To facilitate the research, every paper on the IPOL website is supported by an archive of publicly conducted experiments undertaken and stored by anonymous users. Overall, the archive features around 150 000 experiments, offering a rich repository of research to advance the field of image processing. Lastly, during the project lifetime the journal evolved from an experimental web platform to a permanent portal with numerous helpful articles published. The algorithms and papers have already made an impact on improving the state of the art in the field of image processing.


Image processing, algorithms, IPOL, image analysis, mathematics

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