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Hydrogen Transport in European Cities

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Insight into the future of hydrogen vehicles and refuelling infrastructure across Europe

To support the roll-out of hydrogen transport in Europe, an EU initiative expanded the existing European network of hydrogen demonstration sites into Denmark and the United Kingdom. They represent two of the most promising early markets for hydrogen and fuel cells.

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To put the two cities at the forefront of efforts to establish ultra-low carbon hydrogen transport infrastructure in Europe, the EU-funded HYTEC (Hydrogen transport in European cities) project established hydrogen passenger vehicle deployment centres in Copenhagen and London. Overall, 30 hydrogen-powered passenger cars, taxis and scooters were deployed between the two cities and connected by new hydrogen fuelling stations. HYTEC also linked new and existing fuel cell vehicle demonstration projects across Europe, particularly with a small fleet of passenger cars deployed in Oslo, Norway, thus continuing the roll-out of hydrogen vehicles at this site. The HYTEC team gathered and analysed operational data from the vehicles and fuelling stations. A life-cycle analysis of the vehicles and infrastructure provided enhanced awareness of the overall environmental performance of the deployed technology. This was complemented by interviews with vehicle end users and other relevant stakeholders. Project partners carried out a demonstration programme that specifically addressed the challenge of transitioning hydrogen vehicles to fully certified vehicles while making them competitive in the marketplace. Specifically, they proposed new strategic recommendations on the next steps for hydrogen transport roll-out in each of the two centres and identified future actions towards commercialisation. By setting up citywide hydrogen fuelling networks in Copenhagen and London, HYTEC formed a lasting legacy in both cities that will continue to support the hydrogen vehicle roll-out and future demonstration activities associated with these. The project also improved knowledge of hydrogen transport, and outcomes should assist deployment plans for hydrogen vehicles and fuelling centres elsewhere in Europe.


Hydrogen vehicles, hydrogen transport, HYTEC, hydrogen fuelling

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