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Personalised Airport Systems for Seamless Mobility and Experience

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Save an hour on your air travel time and enjoy it!

The EU PASSME project has cut out an hour of stress from air travel time and enriched the overall passenger experience while maintaining security.

Transport and Mobility

Increasing security constraints and a higher number of travellers can make air travel very stressful. The PASSME project has delivered industry-driven, passenger-centric novel solutions for passengers, airports and airlines to address the anticipated increase in demand for commercial flights in Europe by 2050. “Our proposal was inspired by the Airports Council International (ACI) passenger journey, illustrating the flow of an individual passenger (from home to destination airport and back) through all airport processes,” explains Professor Sicco Santema, project coordinator. PASSME ‘Breakthroughs’ Project work has resulted in four major breakthroughs – a passenger demand forecast system, luggage flow system, passenger-centric airport and airplane interiors, and an app with a personalised device. PASSME has reduced time spent on security and transformed it into a stress-free experience using key touch points during check-in and boarding as well as a real-time system for predictive analytics on passenger flows 20-30 minutes ahead of time. Valuable time can be spent shopping and relaxing drinking coffee instead of joining burgeoning security check and boarding queues. For another stressful and time-consuming task – luggage pick-up and collection – PASSME have developed a passenger-independent system. Hauling a case on the belt and off the carousel will hopefully soon be a thing of the past. Managing luggage flows shaves at least 30 minutes off the time spent in arrival and departure lounges and increases the control passengers have over their luggage. PASSME has radically redesigned the airport to be totally passenger-centric. In waiting areas, design solutions have been incorporated such as curved shapes, natural material finishes and natural environment associations. Potentially reducing stress, a specific interior design, called the Experience Lounge, together with video mapping for projections of landscapes and natural environment, and information on boarding procedures and flights could potentially reduce stress and improve boarding procedures. For optimal airplane interiors, seats that adjust to accommodate passengers comfortably, while allowing the aisle width to be adjusted, could provide the solution. This concept has been tested with positive results, more specifically in a reduction on the de-boarding time. Psychological and physical well-being for the journey A personalised device such as a fitness band and smartphone application measures physiological and psychological state. These link with air travel services to provide relevant and timely information to support the passenger in making the right decision at the right time, a complete stress-buster. Emphasis is on emotional state and stress reduction. Personalised feedback could also include airport maps, possible routes to the final gate, a pep talk if the system senses stress and informed decision-making. Challenges and solutions Security measures in airports can be comprehensive and tend to change based on risk alert status. “There weren’t explicitly unexpected challenges,” outlines Prof. Santema. “However, the security requirements for demonstrations of project results at airports were increasingly strict (due to changing regulations during the PASSME project) and did cost a lot of additional time to look for solutions,” he continues. Several industry partners took part in the PASSME project who are taking on the ‘breakthrough’ results on a non-exclusive basis. In the luggage domain, external market parties are picking the ideas up, therefore contributing to the commercialisation and exploitation of the PASSME results. Dissemination continues after project close in public media such as television, radio and conferences. A whole range of PASSME videos can be seen on the website and include details of aircraft boarding, the app, interviews and the Experience Lounge at Hamburg Airport.


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