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ECCOCAR: a disruptive car sharing platform that advances the connected cars era

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Technological advances promise new car-sharing destinations

The car-sharing model has already proven its might for savings, efficiency and sustainability. An EU-funded project has extended the advantages that will drive down costs for companies offering this service and further ease mobility problems in big cities.

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Car-sharing schemes offer a myriad of benefits for people and the environment. The ECCOCAR initiative has demonstrated that it can offer even more, thanks to a tech solution that can be applied to business-to-customer, car rental and corporate services. “As a mobility start-up providing car-sharing and connected car solutions, the data or the analysis we can generate might be useful not only for the company or client who is working with us in terms of knowledge of its employees’ mobility, but also to institutions and town halls committed to sustainability,” says Alejandro Parralejo, project member in charge of marketing and communication. Going the distance ECCOCAR has implemented a series of pilot projects for different customers. Related work enabled partners to define more key performance indicators and metrics, and to enhance the product’s quality for improved scalability in the future. They have adapted the product to customers’ various needs as well as demands for additional features. “We have been tracking the use that those clients were giving to their connected cars, to quantify how much were they winning in different areas by using our technology,” explains Parralejo. As the number of clients and pilot projects increased, ECCOCAR had to optimise the process for installing its devices in vehicles. Initially, the process covered two different phases, which presented an issue time-wise. “However, we have reached agreements with different partners to try to speed up this installation process, cutting the pre-installation and installation phases,” notes Parralejo. To this end, they’re working on integration solutions via an application programming interface, or API, to the vehicle, without the need for ‘in situ’ installation. Tech and talk show the way Beyond their work on product advancement, the ECCOCAR team dedicated time to opening new sales channels and promoting their product at various general and specialised events. “We have been working as well on getting new clients, generating new leads and looking for new possible investors,” underlines Parralejo. The Spanish start-up has been active at conferences and events related to sustainable mobility and the connected car. These include the congresses of fleet managers of Mexico ,AIAFA and Spain, AEGFA, participating in the latter as sponsors. The team has also participated in events related to the start-up ecosystem. Disruptive solutions for ease of mind and market “Our technology offers the possibility to generate data that can be used to find solutions to the mobility problems in big cities related to the huge number of cars, and to redefine a strategy to solve them,” emphasises Parralejo. Not only that, the ECCOCAR solution has the potential to offer disruptive added value services that will also boost the car-sharing user experience. A YouTube video gives an overall view of ECCOCAR offerings. The start-up has just finished developing a car-sharing service for rent-a-car companies. “We want to launch this product on the market in which we have many expectations since it affects the business core of the target, and we believe that it can have a very good impact on the market,” he concludes. Ongoing developments will bring in a larger and wider client base – not only corporate fleets or rent-a-cars, but public institutions and town halls too. Finally, the team has its eye on adapting their product for scooter, motorcycle and bike sharing.


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