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FOOD 2030: Innovative EU research ensures food system is future-ready

Europe’s food production and consumption will play a pivotal role in ensuring food and nutrition security (FNS) in the face of the combined impacts of climate change, resource scarcity, land degradation, biodiversity decline, under- and over-nutrition, population growth and geopolitical instability. Safeguarding food and nutrition security in the long term will require the systemic transformation and future-proofing of our current-day food systems, which at present are mainly linear, fragmented and unsustainable.
FOOD 2030: Innovative EU research ensures food system is future-ready
The European Commission aims to tackle the FNS challenge with research and innovation (R&I) policies designed to future-proof our food systems so that they can become more sustainable, resilient, responsible, inclusive, diverse and competitive.

This systemic approach to connect, scale-up and boost EU Food R&I is referred to as FOOD 2030 and will provide solutions to four overarching food system priorities. These are NUTRITION for sustainable and healthy diets; CLIMATE resilience and environmental sustainability; CIRCULARITY and resource efficiency; and finally, INNOVATION and the empowerment of communities.

Groundbreaking EU research in the spotlight

This CORDIS Results Pack focuses on new approaches contributing solutions to tackling the four FOOD 2030 priorities by showcasing 13 ambitious cutting-edge EU research projects funded under the EU’s FP7 and Horizon 2020 research programmes relevant to food system transformation.

Flourish developed ground and aerial robots to increase agricultural yield, reduce pesticide use and mitigate food security, thus improving sustainability, while INFARM contributed to sustainable agriculture by improving the environmental footprint of plants. RECARE developed measures to combat climate change related soil degradation. HEALTHYMINORCEREALS contributes to climate resilience by investigating minor cereal varieties for biotic and abiotic stress resistance. FOODINTEGRITY encourages food transparency to minimise food fraud and ensure a responsible food supply chain. PROHEALTH also promotes responsibility by reducing diseases in pig and poultry, and DEPURGAN provides eco-friendly manure management. EARLYNUTRITION explores how early nutrition programming and lifestyle factors impact the rates of obesity and related disorders.

A range of technologies, approaches and business models are reflected in FoodSMART, which created a new mobile app to help consumers make healthier food choices, while NUDGE-IT combats obesity by analysing what determines our food choices. SUCCESS examines processing and production in the seafood industry and proposes ways to enhance competitiveness and sustainability. ARBUATEM raises awareness of the dangers of using waste water for urban agriculture in low and middle-income countries. Finally, MareFrame engages stakeholders in developing tools to sustain healthy marine ecosystems and fisheries.
Innovative treatment system leads to cost-effective and eco-friendly manure management practices
In several European regions, the management of pig manure has become a serious environmental issue that demands solutions by the farming sector. However, most existing...
Urban food from vertical farming
Your local supermarket and favourite restaurant could soon be growing their own food, thanks to an EU-funded project that has completely redesigned the food supply chain to develop...
Decision support framework for more effective fisheries management
Today’s fisheries are generally managed using a single-species approach that is inherently flawed. A multi-species or ecosystem-based approach is needed to improve the situation and...
New robots set to transform farming
EU-funded scientists developed adaptable ground and aerial robots that can increase agricultural yield, reduce pesticide use and mitigate food security risks that are closely...
New mobile app for healthier food choices when dining out
Consumers can now make better informed decisions about what they are eating thanks to a new smartphone app designed by EU-funded researchers. This new mobile nutrition guide paves...
Europe turns to the production of minor cereals
Cereals differ widely in the concentration and composition of their nutritional compounds and antioxidants. Therefore, there is growing interest in enhancing the production of...
Novel strategies to combat production diseases in pigs and poultry
The intensification of farming increases the risk and susceptibility of pigs and chickens getting production diseases. This makes animal husbandry practices less efficient,...
Preventing and remediating soil degradation in Europe
An EU-funded project has brought together a multidisciplinary team from across Europe to find practical measures to sustain soil health and fertility. From Iceland to Cyprus,...
New policies and innovations to boost European seafood sector
The taste for European seafood is steadily increasing both at home and abroad, but environmental pressures are compromising supply which is dependent on fisheries and aquaculture. A...
The dangers of using wastewater for urban agriculture
Researchers with the EU-funded ARBUATEM project are raising awareness about the dangers of using wastewater for urban agriculture in low and middle-income countries.
The neurobiology behind food choice: what makes us eat too much?
The alarming increase in obesity levels worldwide constitutes a serious health issue with significant socioeconomic impacts. To foster healthier lifestyles, it is necessary to...
Europe’s enforcement authorities and food industry empowered to tackle food fraud
New tools and resources have been developed to help European food producers spot counterfeit products and food-related fraud worldwide. This will add value to European products and...
Early nutrition determines later health
The increase in overweight children constitutes a major health concern for future diseases such as obesity and diabetes. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to translate...

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