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ICO2CHEM first results

The EU funded project is going on with technical developments bringing the recovery and conversion of industrial CO2 to reality.

Industrial Technologies

ICO2CHEM, the EU funded project that aims at recovering the industrial CO2 streams, is half-way on its development. The partners met in Frankfurt, Germany, on June 5th to discuss and review the project progress reached until now. Within ICO2CHEM, the containerized chemical pilot plant defined as Mobile Synthesis Unit (MOBSU) will be installed and operated at the Industrial Park Höchst in Frankfurt, Germany. The MOBSU consists of integrated RWGS and FT reactors that convert CO2 from a biogas upgrading plant together with industrial H2, a by-product from a chlor-alkali electrolyzer plant, into highly valuable FT-products (white oils and high molecular weight aliphatic waxes). The innovative concept of the MOBSU allows having a multipurpose system to upgrade carbon dioxide into useful energy carriers and chemicals, which can be easily transported and deployed at different industrial locations. Read the full press release:


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