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Increasing the success rate of root canals

A Danish manufacturer has developed a ground-breaking, plastic-free root canal filling solution thanks to EU backing of the SOFT-CORE 2K project.


Nobody likes getting a root canal – let alone two. But out of the 23 million root canal treatments performed every year in the EU, approximately half fail within just 5 years. This requires retreatments or even the extraction of the tooth, both of which result in physical – and financial – pain for the patient. The reason for this high level of failure is a lack of efficient obturation techniques. “The root canal filling solutions currently on the market are complex, time consuming and expensive,” says Jimmie Kert, CEO of CMS Dental. “Furthermore, because these solutions tend to leave a plastic core inside the root canal, it can be difficult to perform common treatments later.” To solve this problem, and with the support of the SOFT-CORE 2K project, CMS Dental has launched the ground-breaking Soft-Core 2K root canal filling solution.

A cost-effective root canal filling solution

CMS Dental has been developing dental products for endodontic and periodontic treatments for more than 20 years. One of its key products is Soft-Core, a plastic core featuring a removable handle and hollow centre. Today, over 1 million root canal fillings are performed with Soft-Core every year. Soft-Core 2K builds on this legacy. “Thanks to our close relationship with dental product distributors, we identified a need for cost-effective, root canal filling solutions that meet dentists’ demand for a fast, easy-to-use system and that enable retreatments,” explains Kert. Soft-Core 2K answers this demand by offering the market’s first carrier-based root canal obturation system made entirely out of gutta percha (GP). GP is a natural, biocompatible polymer that, thanks to its two-component design, allows dentists to perform efficient, dense three-dimensional fillings – including lateral root canal fillings. Unlike traditional plastic-based filling solutions, GP allows for retreatments. “Based on our clinical studies, we know that Soft-Core 2K can increase the success rate of root canals from 50 to 85 %,” says Kert. “This alone will save patients, taxpayers and insurance companies over EUR 16 billion annually.” In addition to the Soft-Core 2K filling, the company also developed a new method for efficiently cleaning the canal. Called Root Success, the new, patented light-activated disinfection (LAD) system has proven to kill all bacteria within 60 seconds and without any harmful effects to human cells.

A great boost for the company

To bring Soft-Core 2K to market, CMS Dental is currently in the process of securing additional financing and patents. Once fully available on the market, the company estimates that the product will increase its current revenue by 160 % by 2022. CMS also expects to see its global workforce grow by 55 %. “The launch of Soft-Core 2K will be a great boost for our company, enabling us to become a world leading provider of root canal filling systems,” adds Kert. “It will also allow us to enter the lucrative and relatively untapped Asian market, which has long been inaccessible due to strict regulations on plastic carrier-based root canal systems.”


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