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Content archived on 2023-04-17

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Project of the Month: Europe’s largest initiative officially launched to accelerate treatments for COVID-19

With an effective vaccine still some time away and the ever-present threat of a new wave of COVID-19, we are pleased to highlight the launch of an EUR 75.8 million EU and industry-funded initiative whose sole purpose is to accelerate the discovery and development of urgently needed medicines to treat SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

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CARE (Corona Accelerated R&D in Europe) aims to create effective therapies with a positive safety profile and develop new drugs and antibodies specifically designed to tackle the virus. Its strategy is based on three core pillars: Drug repositioning, by screening and profiling compound libraries contributed by partners with the aim of rapidly progressing molecules to advanced stages of clinical testing; small-molecule drug discovery based on in silico screening and profiling of candidate compounds directed against SARS-CoV-2 and future coronavirus targets; and virus-neutralising antibody discovery using fully human phage and yeast display, immunisation of humanised animal models, patient B cells and in silico design. The most promising candidates will be advanced into Phase 1 and Phase 2 clinical trials in humans. CARE and all of its members are dedicated to winning the fight against COVID-19 and CORDIS will of course aim to regularly provide its readers with updates on the project’s progress as it happens! For more information please see: “Beyond the scientific excellence of the different teams involved in this very ambitious project, CARE is bringing together 37 partners in an alliance pooling their expertise and know-how around an ambitious 5-year work plan to develop therapeutics against the current COVID-19 pandemic.” - Yves Lévy, CARE project coordinator If you are interested in having your project featured in ‘Project of the Month’ in an upcoming issue, please send us an email to and tell us why!


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