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Seasonal climate forecasts for more efficient energy systems

The EU-funded SECLI-FIRM project will facilitate the use of improved climate forecasts to add practical and economic value to decision-making processes and outcomes.

Climate Change and Environment

Both the energy and water sectors are becoming increasingly concerned about the way major climatic events affect their business. SECLI-FIRM project partners therefore offer accurate information to support the implementation of relevant decisions to help reduce risk as well as cost. Energy organisations will benefit from seasonal climate forecasts with improvements in management decisions, ultimately leading to a better supply-demand balance in the energy sector, and thus to a more efficient energy system. This will be particularly useful in the renewable energy sector and impart corresponding benefits for climate change mitigation. Nine use cases are under development together with energy utilities, renewable energy source generators, grid operators and water utilities. They cover decision-making in energy generation, energy logistics and maintenance, energy mix planning and balancing, and water management.


climate change, forecast, energy, water, decision making