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Safety Gloves for Protection of Health Care Professionals

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Revolutionising healthcare safety with two-in-one gloves

In healthcare, where the safety of patients and medical professionals is paramount, a revolutionary solution is set to transform the way we think about protective gloves.

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Healthcare professionals play a crucial role in delivering essential medical care to patients, but their daily work is not without risks. Among the most common and severe hazards they face are needlestick and sharp instrument injuries, which can lead to potentially life-threatening infections, including Hepatitis B, C, HIV, and even exposure to chemotherapeutics. To mitigate these risks, healthcare professionals often rely on double-gloving, a practice that involves wearing two pairs of gloves. While this provides added protection, it reduces tactile sensitivity and increases the amount of contaminated hospital waste.

A two-in-one glove

Addressing the pressing need for enhanced protection without compromising comfort or functionality, the EU-funded SafeGlov project introduces an innovative two-in-one glove solution that integrates a double layer into a single glove. This product, made of natural or synthetic rubber, combines a perforation indicator – a breakthrough in the field – which serves as a warning system in case the glove gets damaged. The healthcare professional sees a colour change, indicating the need to replace the gloves for continued protection. “We have generated a novel technology that incorporates an innovative microparticle layer that helps create a multi-barrier protection system,” explains Martin Bothe project coordinator and managing director of Smarterials Technology GmbH. The SafeGlov solution offers improved comfort and tactile sensitivity, allowing healthcare professionals to perform delicate procedures with greater precision. Moreover, it is a more environmentally sustainable option compared to traditional double-gloving solutions, as it reduces the need for excessive packaging. Notably, the two-in-one glove was designed to be adaptable and cater to the needs of the user. It meets the specific requirements of various medical applications, such as microsurgery, surgery and orthopaedics, in addition to being suitable in both cleanroom and examination room settings. “The SafeGlov solution is expected to enhance safety and comfort, offering the best of both worlds: the protective benefits of double gloves with the ease of use of a single glove,” emphasises Bothe.

Manufacturing and the road ahead

One important aspect of SafeGlov’s technology is its compatibility with existing manufacturing processes. This compatibility not only makes it highly scalable, but also economically viable and competitive. Following product development and rigorous efficacy validation across various medical applications, SafeGlov is currently in the process of obtaining medical device certification, paving the way for its anticipated market launch in 2025. The backing of EU funding has significantly facilitated discussion with major market players, further enhancing the prospects for widespread adoption.

A solution for unprecedented challenges

The COVID-19 pandemic underscored the critical importance of high-quality personal protective equipment (PPE) in healthcare. During this crisis, the shortage of PPE became a glaring issue, leading hospitals and public bodies to purchase PPE products, sometimes even uncertified ones, out of necessity. The two-in-one glove not only addresses the need for quality PPE but also offers a practical solution for mitigating PPE shortages during health emergencies like the COVID-19 pandemic. This innovative product has the potential to redefine the standards of protection and convenience in healthcare, ensuring safety for all.


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