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Integrated Services to Boost Energy Renovation in Hungarian Homes

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Support hubs boost building renovation in Hungary

An online platform coupled with in-person offices provides comprehensive tools that enable Hungarian homeowners to renovate their properties.

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Much of Europe’s building stock is in need of renovation. In Hungary, where roughly two-thirds of residential buildings are energy inefficient and the median energy expenditure of the housing sector is above the EU average, the need for widespread renovation is critical. The EU-funded RenoHUb project removes many of the barriers to the renovation process by providing access to information, expertise and tools.

Barriers to energy efficiency investment

Recent nationwide surveys indicate that about 24 % of Hungarian homeowners are planning to implement energy-saving renovations within the next 5 years. There are many barriers to making this wave of building refurbishment flow as effectively as possible. Home renovation is complex, and the needs of single-family and multiple-family housing units require different resources to support the process. Accessing information about a major project with legal, financial and technical aspects is off-putting for many consumers and can lead to distrust of installers. Investment in renovation is costly, and consumers need access to information about loans, grants and other incentives for home renovation.

RenoPont platform and information hotspots

RenoHUb bridges the challenges to home renovation by applying the concept of the one-stop-shop. The goal is to support consumers along the entire value chain of retrofitting, from communication and behavioural change through financial support and decision making. It also takes in assessment of cost and energy savings after renovation. An additional benefit of RenoHUb is that it can assist homeowners on the path to becoming prosumers – with home-based renewable energy sources, households can not only save energy, but they can produce it too. The RenoPont network is a dual-pronged system designed to reach consumers with different needs. The online (RenoPont) platform is intended for consumers who are comfortable accessing information through the internet and using digital resources. For citizens who lack access to or familiarity with such tools, RenoHUb implements physical advisory hotspots. The project’s in-person sites exceeded expectations. According to project coordinator Gergely Schum: “Instead of the originally planned two offices, we were able to open eight advisory offices, and there was great interest from municipalities and private companies as well for opening more offices.”

Comprehensive services at the one-stop-shop

The materials and services available through the RenoPont network address everything that might impede a person from embarking on their home renovation journey. The online platform includes a product selection guide, a list of funding possibilities, a database of recommended professionals and a variety of downloadable template documents. At RenoPont, information hotspot providers offer much of the same information as well as a free initial consultation and an energy audit and renovation plan. Financial obstacles are one of the greatest challenges to implementing widespread residential renovation. About the financial options available through the network, Schum says: “We have collated all the bank loans and state-subsidised loans and grants available in Hungary that can be used for renovation purposes. We can also provide clients with personalised advice on these and help them choose the right product for them.” A dramatic increase in residential building renovation is needed for Europe to reach its climate mitigation goals. By providing a comprehensive and accessible repository for resources, RenoHUb is facilitating this task in Hungary.


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