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Integrated Services to Boost Energy Renovation in Hungarian Homes


Description of RenoHUb model

This description will cover the the conceptual design of RenoHUb as well as the detailed description of the actual RENOHUB renovation services. The model will be based on the “one-stop-shop” model and will initially include an on-line platform and two permanent offices (hotspots). The paper will include the financial model for making RenoHUb financially self-sustainable (planned costs and revenues), and a strategy for expanding the network of hotspots beyond the project.

Report on the strategic evaluation of existing financial schemes

The report will (i) review the objectives, eligibility criteria, and financial and operational conditions, etc. of the financial schemes currently available on the local market for home renovation, (ii) conduct the strategic evaluation of their strengths and weaknesses, and (iii) formulate recommendations concerning the improvement of their effectiveness and more integrated financing options.

Inventory of the elements of technical-engineering process of home renovation

The deliverable includes a comprehensive mapping of the technical-engineering process of home renovation as backbone of the technical design, implementation and post-implementation monitoring. The purpose is to identify all potential intervention points for RenoHUb measures.

Research on homeowners’ motivations, drivers and obstacles

The research paper will assess the drivers and obstacles for homeowners to decide on the renovation of their homes. The assessment will differentiate between homeowners living in multi-apartment buildings and in single family houses, and will base on in-depth interviews and focus groups research.

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