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Pulsed Digital Holography and Shearography

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3D holographic view of deformations

A new system has been developed which enables accurate 3D measurement using a holographic information gathering technique no longer restricted by laser and recording media characteristics.

Industrial Technologies

Holographic interferometry was first developed by Dennis Gabor in 1948. It is used to study how monochromatic coherent light flows around simple bodies. The phase information collected can be interpreted to deduce what is going on in the system. It is a technique already applied to dynamic flow visualization, as it does not disturb the system it is observing. Using pulsed laser illumination and Charged Coupled Devices (CCD) recording, the current project has developed a system fitted for dynamic measurements producing quick quantitative analysis of digital data that is immune to environmental perturbations. The new development is an improvement on the “1D measuring head” already on the market. Both systems have a sensitivity of 0.06 micrometers, a field of view of up to 3 square metres and an adjustable working distance. Having performed well in trials, the new system will be commercially available soon. The technique will be valuable for observing how small mechanical parts, such as vehicle brake discs, deform under tensile stress.

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